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1. How does Green Attic Barrier work?

Insulation only slows down heat loss or heat gain. Green Attic Barrier reflects heat back into your home during the winter and reflects heat out in the summer.

2. How can Green Attic Barrier keep my home warmer in the winter months?

Just like wrapping a baked potato in aluminum foil keeps the potato warmer longer by holding in heat, covering your attic insulation with Green Attic Barrier holds heat in your home.

3. How can Green Attic Barrier keep my house cooler in the summer months?

Green Attic Barrier is like a space suit. Green Attic Barrier reflects the sun's heat before it can warm up the insulation in your attic. When the insulation stays cooler, your home will too!

4. I already have plenty of insulation. Do I really need Green Attic Barrier?

Yes - Regardless of how much insulation you have in your attic, adding Green Attic Barrier will save on heating and cooling expenses and keep you and your family much more comfortable. Green Attic Barrier savings in heating and cooling cost can vary from 25% to 40%.

5. Isn’t foil faced fiberglass just as good as Green Attic Barrier?

No - The foil on fiberglass is in direct contact with the attic floor or ceiling. The foil does not reflect heat because airspace is needed. The foil also has to be made of paper-based products with silver coating which has minor reflectability and breathability. Your home must breathe and vent in order to prevent moisture build up from occurring.

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